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An Idea
2005-07-01 18:18 - Trillinon
This is a rather handy extention, but I have a random Idea, though I've little knowledge if it is possible. What if you could attach the drop down menu for Uppity to the site icon inside the address bar? Currently, that icon does nothing, and it feels like an intuitive place to have what are essentially address modifications.
Another Idea
2005-07-27 08:25 - rwdi
The previous idea is interesting. What I have done is move the Uppity button right of the address bar. This is a great place for it. Maybe make this the default location. Previously, I had it next to the back and forward buttons but that was less intuitive. What might be of value is the ability to right click a drop down entry and copy.
clarification of "another idea"
2005-07-27 08:27 - rwdi
That last sentence was meant to be a new line. It is unrelated to the previous sentences. So in summary, the "another idea" is allow the user to right click a drop down entry so the user can copy it.
2005-07-27 16:06 - arantius

Regarding the address bar icon: No I can't. I don't see how at least. And it does do something: You can drag-and-drop it to many appropriate places like the bookmarks toolbar, other windows/tabs, or even other applications.

As to the position of the button, no I can't control that at all. It goes exactly where you drag it to. There isn't a default location. (Not to my knowledge, at least.)

2006-02-20 07:20 - mortenius
I love your extention, and I never update Firefox unless Uppity works on the new version! I have resently begun to use the theme Redshift (v. 1.073), is there anyway to make the Uppity icon blend in?
Uppity Interface Suggestion
2006-04-28 19:36 - wcross

I just noticed your extension and love it. There used to be a very similar extention I used in eariler versions of Firefox but the author stopped supporting it. I think it was called ScrollURL or something like that. That got me to thinking, maybe you could implement the same interface for your extension, as an option tothe current button. The way it worked was --- the user simply placed the mouse cursor over the URL field and rolled the mouse wheel up or down. It was great! I'm sure it could make your tool even better too! Best of luck!

Comment & Very Little Suggestion
2006-08-05 15:36 - chips

Nice extension: small yet powerful. It does exactly what it should. It would be nice, if the 'up' button went gray when we can't go up.

toolbar, show text
2006-08-20 13:52 - griffith

When the Firefox toolbar is set to show text only, you can't access the uppity dropdown menu.

So how about making the right mouse button popup that menu? Just like the back history menu is pop-up-ed when right clicking the back button.

And while we're at it, making the middle mouse button go to the url home, that means 'full up', from http://www.arantius.com/article/uppity to http://www.arantius.com/ would be also neat :).

The Winner
2006-09-01 10:51 - thlayli

Beats the pants off of GoUp. Very nice work.

One nitpicky comment: There are a few odd white pixels around the "grayed out" arrow. Perhaps that can be fixed someday.

Middle Click
2006-09-01 13:12 - thlayli

GoUp treats a middle click just like the rest of the tabbed interface, opening the parent link in a new tab. I think this would be better than griffith's idea, since it is consistent with behavior in other parts of Firefox. Thanks.

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