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2005-11-13 00:58 - Firefox Extensions

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Long ago, there was Tabbrowser Preferences. TBP was amazing, the number of things it could do was phenomenal. But it was massive, the packed archive weighing in at 250kb. It was eventually succeded by Tab Mix which had less features, but all the ones that (I thought, at least) were important, and it was only 37kb. Then, along came Tab Mix Plus, clearly a fork. I don't remember what it was, but one key extra feature in TMP convinced me to switch. Pretty soon though, TMP was at 108kb, with a lot of fluff features. But as of FF1.5, tab dragging is built in to firefox, and TMP breaks it with it's own tab-dragging code. And over time I've occasionally noticed problems with TMP's drag code creating new tabs when I meant to drag a link to a tab.

I decided it was time to address the situation! So this weekend I wrote Tab Control, my own tab extension with just the features I want. And only 5,615 bytes!



Hey, can you make it better?
2005-12-31 17:40 - Xuleun
sometimes I want to open my tab at the end, can you make Ctrl+Shift+T for opening a tab at the end of the tabbar? and sometimes the new tabs that I opened are not focused because I use mouse gestures to open them. (?!) fix it please. It's overall good.
Forgot to mention this...
2005-12-31 17:42 - Xuleun
in Sessionsaver, you can re-open a tab (without this extension). But with this extention, I can't re-open...
Does not retain tab order
2006-01-31 16:34 - Sandman
First, let me just say that I LOVE this extension. Now, one nit. When I save a group of tabs using FF's "Bookmark all tabs" feature, they will always open in the order saved. After installing Tab Control, they no longer open in the proper order. Hope you can fix this in the next release.

Thanks for making this extension available.
2006-11-01 13:16 - Skiff

Thanks for great extension which is better than tab mix plus since FF2 release.

Tab control enables #Position new tabs... #Switch to the left tab... and it would be great for option to open tab like this A 3 2 1 B instead A 1 2 3 B.

Second suggestion: FF2 have option 'History'->'Recently closed tabs' and it will be more convieniet if 'Recently closed tabs' could be placed od each tab context menu.

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