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Documentation can now be found at this extension's project tracker page. Please also use the project tracker to report bugs, request features, ask for help, or anything else. (By using tickets.) Comments posted here for these issues will be summarily deleted.



Yes it's been done
2006-05-14 20:28 - arantius

I just wanted to say that I know this has been done. But, not quite in the way I prefer, and there's still a few things to add.

Fails if page fails to load in the background
2006-07-11 00:10 - boris

Resurrect fails on pages which fail to load in the background. This happens when I open a page in a new tab and loading fails before I open that tab or if I go to a page and then go to another tab before loading fails. Clicking any of the Resurrect controls on the error page does nothing. If I click any line in the listbox that line is selected and nothing happens. If I click the "OK" button nothing happens. I'm using Firefox on Windows XP SP2.

Oh, and what's the point of the "OK" button? Normally just clicking on the list does the action.

Background Bug Fixed
2006-07-18 15:11 - arantius

Thanks for the bug report Boris, version 1.0.1 fixes that.

And as for the OK button, mostly a "just in case" thing, a habit from doing web pages. Also, to increase (keyboard) accessibility, though now that I check that doesn't seem to work perfectly.

2006-07-19 18:25 - boris

Thanks for the quick bugfix :)

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