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2005-06-18 19:48 - Firefox Extensions

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Magic Password Generator 1.3.2

Online Backup

Use this form to generate the same password the extension would, if you're at another computer. You could also use the bookmarklet that does the same thing.


Lost Masterpassword
2006-02-03 14:12 - mario
Hi, how can I get the Password, or how is the registry key to delete that I can give a new password, or is there another possibility to change the masterpassword
No recovery!
2006-02-04 10:00 - arantius

This extension is designed, on purpose, to not store the master password anywhere. It is in your head and only in your head. (Unless you put it somewhere else yourself.)

Firefox -- What do I do?
2006-03-13 00:02 - murf
I just installed MPG on my firefox (linux), and I don't see any way to use it.
Maybe I'm just missing something.
I've set the Options for the extension, but I don't see any way to use the extension to generate a password. Nothing in the right-click menu in a password field, no Tools-> menu entry to do it.
What am I missing?
The button!
2006-03-13 09:45 - arantius

What am I missing?

The toolbar button! Right click on your toolbar, choose customize, and drag the new lock icon labeled "Magic Password" onto your toolbar somewhere.

2006-03-13 11:17 - murf
That hit the spot! Thanks! You might add something about how to use it to the web page where I picked up the extension, and maybe to this page (although these comments will undoubtedly satisfy this), because I'm a little new to the extension game, and other extensions don't require such; they usually just do it automatically for you when the password entry shows up, or they put the new button in the toolbar for you, or who knows what.
can't get it to work
2006-05-03 18:43 - stuntdriver3

as soon as i downloaded it. the theing asked me for a master password as soon as i clicked on the lock button in the toobar and i can'r figure out the pass.

what happens if a site's password is compromised?
2006-05-05 20:06 - inoah

It's great that passwords can be auto-generated by a 1-way hash, but suppose that site's particular password gets compromised? This can happen for reasons beyond the user's control, such as insecure storage of authentication info on the site's back-end which then gets hacked. It seems like you would not be able to change passwords without ceasing to use this extension for that site (or at least, cease using the hash function).

I like the idea of not storing anything, even encrypted, but the downside is that there is no way to maintain any state at all, including any notion of a "generation number" or the like. Perhaps a future enhancement would include storing some additional info like domain+generation#, which could be used to change the generated hash once the master password is provided. The data store wouldn't even need to be encrypted, really.

How about a context menu entry?
2006-09-01 15:30 - grantroot

I love the extension. But I have a problem with the eSnipe bookmarklet, which brings up a small window for the user name and password. Since the window has no toolbars, I have no way to invoke Magic Password. Could you add an entry to the page's context (right-click) menu, to bring up the Magic Password dialog?

Thanks for creating this!

D'oh! Never mind.
2006-09-01 15:34 - grantroot

I just read the Changelog more closely and see that you have already implemented the context menu entry. So I guess you read my mind -- before I even thought of it! :-)

So never mind, and thanks again for your work.

the password you gererated is too simple
2006-10-08 19:23 - ylz333

I use MPG to create new password for my log-in process. However, your password generated is too simple (or too short), the web site I tried ti log in does allow your password. The requirement is: password must consist of 8-12 characters in length, containing at least one letter and one number. How can I meet such requirement when I have no control of the password created?

Username/Email options
2006-11-28 12:04 - raterus

I like the idea of this very much, but the extension itself has some quirks I don't like.

I don't want my username/email entered into the site when I register/enter. However the extension will actually clear out my username/email (If I've already entered it on the site), when I go to generate the password. I really think it shouldn't do this if you haven't entered any values into the extension.

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